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Providing Litigation Support to South Florida’s
Legal Community for over 20 years

Alternative Legal has been helping the legal professionals in South Florida balance their workloads from 1994. We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best service in the industry.

When the time comes to prepare product manuals, large presentations, or other high-volume copy projects, you can count with Alternative Legal Preparing, copying, collating, and binding these projects in-house ties up your staff and your copier, as well as causing wear and tear on most office-quality copiers. Frequent interruptions by other staff who need copies can cause critical errors and slow the process. Utilizing Alternative Legal services will free up your staff for more efficient time-management in order to meet the daily needs of your business.

We offer free local pick up and delivery + fast service! Contact us to get your project started today!


Litigation Support Service


The litigation process can be a challenging undertaking. That’s why Alternative Legal has developed a suite of specialized litigation support services designed to meet the needs of litigation practices, saving time and money, and driving maximum efficiency.

Large Format & Blueprints


We offer everything from a single oversized copy to a complete package of bid sets — including engineering prints and architectural plans and specifications — to help ensure your firm looks professional while helping you design, bid and build effectively.

Trial Exhibits


We are committed to staying abreast of the latest advances in trial technology and courtroom presentation solutions. We can enlarge or blow-up maps, blueprints, construction drawings, medical charts, photographs, flip charts, flowcharts, and organizational charts for use as court displays and trial exhibits.

Document Scanning Service


Our document scanning services digitize paper records using state-of-the-art scanning techniques, allowing for instant access to all of your electronic documents with the click of a mouse. Built in redundancy provides a 100% guarantee that your mission-critical electronic documents will be safe and easy to find.

Audio & Video Duplication


We offer transfer and duplication of your precious videos, photos, slides, and other media to DVD at affordable rates. We specialize in helping customers preserve their memories, music, and files by transfer to DVD, CD, or other storage media.

High Speed Copying

Media Services Print Unit paper stock and machines

For high speed document copying, no one is faster and more affordable than us. Our quick turnaround time gives you the option to place an order and be ready the same day! We can print in black and white or full color and offer discounts for bulk orders.